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Patrick Wiseman
CEO and Founder

Introducing Spaceship, an advanced continuous delivery platform that keeps your applications running smoothly

The software space is largely a winner-take-all industry. Ultimately, there tends to be an emergent market leader that owns the lion’s share of users in a given space and can retain that status for quite a while.

But this status quo is a problem. Competition is good.

That’s because competition in the software industry drives companies to push the envelope on capabilities and innovate better products for their customers. These innovations often create faster, easier to use software that delights users. And with software eating the world, wouldn’t it be nice if it all worked a bit better?

Something has to change to empower healthier competition.

The software delivery barrier to entry for SaaS businesses is too high

There’s no shortage of ideas for new applications to remove friction from everyday experiences. However, many founders have difficulty fully executing on these ideas and building a solid foundation to grow them over time.

In fact, one of the primary reasons that competition within the software space is lower than it ought to be is the high barrier to entry many new businesses face in taking their products live and iterating on them according to customer feedback.

Two of the biggest challenges many SaaS startups face are building the right product and getting their product in front of customers. We have seen time and time again the way to build the right product is to put it in the hands of users and then build what they need. Continuous delivery is a methodology for making your company’s default behavior to put the software in front of customers by pushing software updates to your product as soon as they are developed and tested.

Unfortunately, many teams devote too much effort to getting their software online to put it in front of customers. The time spent building out common SaaS features – authentication, user management, billing, test suites and delivery pipelines – could be better spent building what drives the business. This can hinder teams from building software that has the potential to be extremely powerful in the hands of customers.

How Spaceship lowers the barrier to entry for SaaS businesses

At Spaceship, we know this challenge all too well. We’re founders ourselves who have gone through this process at several SaaS startups. We’ve experienced the challenges firsthand and successfully worked through them. Spaceship is designed to help other startups implement the simple premise that frequently putting their software out in front of customers will improve their product and their businesses.

Our philosophy: software delivery needs a mind shift

The first step to lowering the barrier to entry for SaaS startups is to embrace a mind shift when it comes to software delivery. It’s human nature to want to wait until something is complete to get feedback on it, but this approach doesn’t work in today’s fast-paced software industry where even the most advanced solutions are always in a state of flux.

Instead, teams must embrace a continuous delivery model that allows them to get a minimum viable product (MVP) to market as soon as it’s ready. This mind shift results in three critical benefits:

The impact of this mind shift can’t be understated. The best example of its impact is Amazon. One of the biggest differences between Amazon and its competitors is that Amazon ships new code by the second while its competitors ship new code by the quarter. In general, research reveals that the best performing companies ship new code far more frequently than lower performing companies.

What Spaceship does differently: the first of its kind delivery platform

We’ve distilled this philosophy into Spaceship, the first of its kind delivery platform. Three things, in particular, make Spaceship so unique:

The time to act is now: talk to Spaceship today

We believe it should be far easier than it is to launch a software company. If you have a development team that can build solutions, a strong market fit and an eager customer base, you should be able to bring your product to market and grow it to a substantial size. Spaceship is designed to remove the challenges within the delivery process that prevent many software companies from doing just that.

Tim and I love talking with fellow founders. We are interested in helping your company succeed. Interested in learning more about how we can help you remove delivery obstacles and more easily incorporate real user feedback into product development? Contact us at founders@spaceship.run to set up time to talk about your business. We can help identify any challenges and rectify them early on to save you time and money.

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