Rev your product-market fit engine with Continuous Delivery

Tim Dorr
CTO and Founder

It’s easy to sideline Continuous Delivery as a development issue. As a founder, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to building and running a business, and you need to delegate.

But the truth is, the benefits of Continuous Delivery extend well beyond your development team. One of the biggest such benefits lies in creating an engine to turbocharge product-market fit.

Continuous Delivery is a product-market fit engine

Finding the right product-market fit is critical for any business, and it’s a process through which every startup founder must go. Typically, the best way to achieve product-market fit is by listening to customers. This involves creating good feedback mechanisms and doing good outreach to customers to capture their feedback and talk to them directly.

But even with the best feedback mechanisms in place, achieving product-market fit can be difficult. It takes time to go through several iterations as you continue to collect feedback from customers and tweak your product accordingly. Along the way, many companies find that customer feedback begins to pile up in a backlog, and that makes it difficult to respond to feedback quickly. In most cases, when something begins to slow down responses, it’s usually related to the delivery processes or even product development more generally. That’s where Continuous Delivery can make all the difference.

Consider the following: You have 12 months of runway left on your business and you currently release software once a month. That means you have 12 times to get it right. Normally, that’s not enough – it takes time to get the product-market fit right and you need to leave yourself opportunities to stumble, not to mention get through any backlog of feedback.

But if you embrace Continuous Delivery, that enables your team to deliver new releases multiple times a day, which gives you thousands of times to get it right. By increasing the velocity with which you can respond to customer feedback, Continuous Delivery also significantly increases your chances of success for achieving product-market fit within the same time frame.

The benefits of Continuous Delivery grow alongside your business

Even beyond the initial product-market fit, Continuous Delivery offers benefits that extend beyond your development team.

For example, as your business expands and reaches into various new markets, you’ll learn things about your customers that you didn’t know before and you must react to those needs. Whether those needs occur on a micro-level (think specific issues within the software itself) or a macro-level (such as uncovering new users of your product who engage with it differently than your original audience), you need to be able to react quickly.

If it takes a month to respond to those changes, it’s likely too late and you’ve lost a customer. Continuous Delivery enables your business to respond faster to anything from how the user interface looks and specific feature sets function to how you pitch those areas of the product.

Ultimately, Continuous Delivery is the only way to iterate rapidly from the technology side, and as a result it’s becoming table stakes for getting companies past the proof of concept or minimum viable product stage and into true growth mode.

Now is the time to rev your product market fit engine with Continuous Delivery

Critically, the time to get started with Continuous Delivery is now. We often hear organizations say that what they have in place currently “works,” even though they can’t push updates frequently. However, this situation creates a giant risk because if something breaks, there’s no way to push a quick fix to customers.

As a result, waiting to implement Continuous Delivery might offer short term gains, but it leaves a shaky foundation that any organization with true long term plans must fix sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you run the risk of a single incident bringing down your business.

Ultimately, if you’re willing to accept change to create a great product-market fit engine (and you should be), consider changing how you get your product to customers – because that will help you get in front of your customers faster and give you more opportunities to get things right. And the key to achieving that outcome lies in Continuous Delivery.

Get started with Continuous Delivery today

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