Careers at Spaceship: our core values for building a growing team

Patrick Wiseman
CEO and Founder

Taking the next step in your career is among the most important decisions you can make. What you do and where you work is an integral part of your everyday life, so it’s essential to find a good fit on a variety of measures from the role to your team to the company as a whole.

Importantly, finding the right role is a two-way street: Companies need to find the right individuals to join their team and you as a job-seeker need to find the right team to join. Far too often we think of this process as one-sided, but there really does need to be a fit from both ends.

That’s why, as we continue to build the team at Spaceship, we want to be transparent about our core values and the types of teammates for which we’re looking. We believe this will provide clarity into what we’re looking for in potential employees to help guide the hiring process and give candidates insight into the type of team they can expect to join.

Our mission in building the Spaceship team

Our overarching mission in building the Spaceship team is to provide every person with opportunities for both personal and professional growth, including developing the right skills to succeed in whatever they want to do next.

Along the way, we want to provide everyone with economic security, including competitive pay, top notch benefits and long term economic opportunities tied to the company’s success in the form of equity.

And when it’s all said and done, we hope to form lifelong relationships with our teammates. We’ve done this before and have seen firsthand the difference it makes when you work with people you’re excited to see and talk to each day, and that’s exactly the type of environment we want to create at Spaceship.

To that end, we have infused the following values into our hiring process:

Find people who are…


We’re taking on large problems that are systemic to software development. To succeed in this area, we need ambitious people who are willing to take on big challenges, including trying to bend long-established norms of how things are done to new ways of working.


We need to balance ambition with resourcefulness, as we are not just looking for people who want to change the world, but those who have the ability to actually do it. Consider the non-technical founders of software companies who manage to bootstrap an entire minimum viable product without any coding knowledge. Those who can find ways to get things done, especially when those tasks sit outside their normal area of expertise, are highly resourceful and exactly who we want on our side.


The best teammates have a high level of concern and empathy for everyone around them. For example, this might entail giving team members advance notice on work you’re doing to make their lives easier or recognizing your influence on the overall user experience and how that impacts customer retention and company growth. No matter what form it takes, this empathy helps create teams with which people want to work.

Build a team that is…


Things like where you live and what hours you’re available to work shouldn’t limit your opportunities. That’s why we aim to cast the widest net possible to find the best people for the roles available, no matter what. Along those same lines, we’ve taken on the responsibility of making a welcome environment for everyone, for example by offering good health coverage for individuals and families and creating a parental leave policy that recognizes the importance of taking time when your family expands (no matter how that happens).


Having team members that support one another – both within teams and cross-functionally – is critical to building a strong company. So whether this means individuals lending each other a hand when someone’s workload has become too much or engineering providing help for the support team when they need it, we want to create a highly supportive environment. We believe this helps people feel good about the work they do and sets up everyone to deliver the greatest impact.


Spaceship has a clear purpose, and we want to make sure our teams can make an impact accordingly. As a result, it’s important to build teams that can fulfill their mission to build great experiences for our customers and push forward ideas to deliver the desired results.

Provide opportunities for…


Every team member at Spaceship should have a set of skills to master that will help them progress in their career. No one should spend their day doing laborious grunt work, and our goal is to automate as much of that out of the day-to-day for our people as possible.


We want to give every team member the autonomy to execute in their role. This autonomy means we avoid gate-keeping and permission-seeking. Instead, if there’s a problem, anyone should feel empowered to come up with a solution to address it.


Mastery and autonomy work together to give people a sense of purpose. We want everyone at Spaceship to clearly understand how their role and the work they do contributes to the success of the company and how the success of the company impacts the industry and our customers to help improve the quality of software available. Overall, we believe this understanding will contribute to a strong sense of purpose in our team’s day-to-day work.

Interested in joining the Spaceship team?

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